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Muzeum Susch

best architects 21

public buildings


Susch, Switzerland


Conradin Frei


Conversion of an historic monastery and brewery into a museum with exhibition rooms, artists’ accommodation, a bistro and an events hall.

The Muzeum Susch is an ensemble of different buildings with a variety of functions in the heart of Susch. Several historic structures, some dating from the twelfth century, have been converted with care to create a contemporary museum whose ensemble of buildings blends in well with the village’s architecture. It has been possible to preserve the existing historic edifices while also creating new exhibition rooms that meet modern requirements. The ensemble’s external appearance is unobtrusive. The whitewashed façades and wooden roof trusses seem like the correct choice. Internally, the emphasis was as much on creating new spaces as preserving the existing interiors. In each instance, the work has been carried out in close coordination with the local monument preservation office. The old and the new have been skilfully interwoven to create a richly atmospheric impression. A diverse range of spaces has been created, from the «White Cube» and the developed mine shaft dating from the fourteenth century, to the damp grotto in the cliff-face. Great sensitivity and a true instinct for historic structures and spatial effects have resulted in a successful combination of contemporary alterations to the existing buildings with regional building traditions. In addition to the museum, the ensemble features accommodation for artists. Furthermore, there is an events hall, created in the barn of the existing residential building, which can be used by the museum and the municipality. Adjacent to this is a bistro with a terrace.