SLiK Architekten GMBH: Yond - best architects 21 in gold

SLiK Architekten GMBH


best architects 21 in gold

commercial/industrial buildings


Zurich, Switzerland



Seraina Wirz


Yond combines an attractive urban location with an innovative interior specifically aimed at «urban industry». A robust design with high structural load-resistance and 5.50-metre-high ceilings creates virtually unlimited flexibility in terms of usage options. From classic service providers and urban creative industries through to industrial production, this building can be adapted to a vast range of usage requirements. Along with this versatility of usage, Yond also offers great spatial flexibility. The rented spaces can be continuously adapted in terms of both size and layout to the wishes and requirements of the respective tenants. A system of raised floors allows the rooms to be individually configured and makes it easy to adapt the rented spaces. When combined with almost floor-to-ceiling windows, this creates an atmosphere reminiscent of traditional industrial buildings while linking these with contemporary infrastructure and services. From floor plan to physical appearance, the architecture adheres to the tenets of simplicity: plain and powerful on the outside, functional and authentic on the inside. Openness, clarity and minimalism create an ambience that fosters concentration and dialogue. The ground floor offers space for audience-focused forms of public use and, as the meeting-point of the Yond community, will serve in future to bring vibrancy to the district and wider surroundings.