SCHMID ZIÖRJEN ARCHITEKTENKOLLEKTIV: Residential home and studios for people with disabilities - best architects 21


Residential home and studios for people with disabilities

best architects 21

public buildings


Stein, Switzerland


Roman Weyeneth


This project encompasses three new buildings. The angled position of the buildings results in a protected exterior space opposite the main road and motorway. The landscaped courtyards provide residents with spaces for leisure and socialising. Various quiet areas have been created that one can retreat to, and the many benches beneath the foliage of the trees afford the opportunity for relaxation.
The three new buildings comprise two halls of residence and a studio-cum-office building, establishing a clear separation between working and living. One key aspect of the chosen architectural concept is the access provided to the outdoor spaces from the majority of the rooms on the ground floor. This meets the needs of residents with limited mobility and means that the vertical access cores can be reduced to a minimum. The internal layout of the residential units is defined by flowing floor plans with different living areas, providing residents with great freedom of movement.
The external appearance of the new buildings is characterised by the clear structure and coherent style of the façade. Wooden lesenes stretching across two storeys structure the length of the buildings and add to the calming impression of the façade. The bracing between the lesenes is made of corrugated fibre-cement sheets. The roof faces are clad with moulded metal panels that trace the meandering shapes of the buildings.