Romero Schaefle Partner Architekten: Transformation of the office buildings at Brandschenkestrasse 24/30 - best architects 21

Romero Schaefle Partner Architekten

Transformation of the office buildings at Brandschenkestrasse 24/30

best architects 21

office/administrative buildings


Zurich, Switzerland


Karin Gauch, Fabien Schwartz


Two office buildings located in inner-city Zurich, constructed in the 1960s and 1980s respectively, were to be adapted in line with today’s requirements. Since local building regulations and sustainability led us to preserve the existing load-bearing structure, the building was dismantled down to the shell and the core areas were remodelled. A new entrance and stairwell provide a gain in prestige. Static alterations to the street-facing façades result in a contemporary architectural aesthetic. These consist of a flush glass-and-aluminium construction, urban in both design and expression, while the courtyard façades are plainer in appearance. The building’s corners, which have been rounded off to differing degrees, help to integrate the building into the context of the surrounding architecture and create an incremental transition along Brandschenkestrasse. While the glass balustrades are conventional in their construction, the casement windows feature a «closed cavity». The internal structure remained unchanged. Existing pillars were skilfully integrated into the tenant fit-out for a law firm. On the ground floor and first floor is a conference area with reception desk, meeting rooms, an auditorium and a catering kitchen – encircling the remodelled inner courtyard. The offices are located on the upper floors. The top floor is home to the cafeteria, a meeting room and terraces affording views over Zurich’s rooftops.