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Lukas Lenherr Architektur

Small house

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single family homes


Jonschwil, Switzerland


Florian Amoser


In the middle of Jonschwil, three rooms stacked on top of one another and twisted to face each other were built into an old barn. This stacking arrangement opens up a spiral, vertical living space across all three floors. The small house now has more than 99 square metres of living space. The openings in the interior link the rooms and create certain references to the outside. This allows perspectives to develop.
The linked spatial relationships recall Japanese spatial constellations. The house has no corridors but consists of sequences of rooms. Some of these can be explored in different order and can even be experienced in a horizontal state by making use of the catamaran nets installed in certain areas. The clean, reduced materials have been used in their natural state. The visible assembly elements forms part of the whole and technology has been given space in a cupboard in the washroom. Small also means little volume requires heating. Thick wood fibre insulation protects the house. The wood-fired stove is supported by underfloor heating integrated in the plain, polished underlay. The wooden façade, made of local larch, and the spruce windows will, over time, be marked by the weather. In accordance with local town conservation regulations, the modest building references the historical context and will have a lasting impact on the locality.