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Luca Selva Architekten

Regional development «Gishalde-Steinbille» Haus A

best architects 21

multi-family homes


Aarburg, Switzerland


Yohan Zerdoun


Together with its Artemis Real Estate Group, the locally based Franke Group is creating a new district in the upper part of town in Aarburg, based on the principles of the 2000-Watt Society. It is intended to be exemplary of sustainable development at all levels. To this end, a competition was initially launched in 2014 comprising five building plots with the aim of attracting a range of architectures and architects for the respective parcels. Luca Selva Architects won the competition for Parcel A and successfully met the client’s specifications with their project proposal. The core of the project is a compact floor plan that is based on the principle of cellular compartment units and uses the depth of the layout efficiently and spaciously. The project was further developed in a broader sense according to the requirements of the 2000-Watt Society. With this in mind, a characteristic timber construction was created with regionally typical, floor-height constructive wood protection elements that structure the building horizontally and protect the red glazed cladding.