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Haller Gut

Extension of the Hofmatt primary school

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Gelterkinden, Switzerland


Alexander Gempeler


The comb-like Hofmatt primary school was built in 1950 by the Basel-based architect Max Schneider and is a worthy example of its era. The requirement for eight additional classrooms necessitated the creation of more room. This has been implemented in a simple manner as an additional, finger-shaped extension. The central element of the extension is the new connecting structure, which extends the existing covered walkway leading to the new building while also serving as the new main entrance. The floor plan of the two-storey building is based on that of the existing structure. Each storey features four classrooms accessed via/set along a wide corridor. Group rooms inserted between the classrooms break up the structure of the corridor and create interesting spatial cross-references. The extra high ceiling of the ground floor and the folded roof structure provide optimal lighting for all the classrooms. The exterior of the new finger structure has been treated with mineral render. The colour and texture of the rendered surfaces reference the existing buildings, and feature shades of light grey, beige and white. Dark-green wood-and-aluminium windows create highlights. The lightly coloured interiors are defined by zenithal daylight.