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Nottwil primary school

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Nottwil, Switzerland


Dominique M. Wehrli


Along with the balanced and structural placement of the new building as a natural part of the broader and closer local context, we were particularly interested in developing a simple spatial concept which builds on the educational ideas formulated by the developers and yet still provides the greatest possible scope for any future changes and developments. Our approach aims to translate the programme in such a way that contextual characteristics and spatial organisation become accomplices that lend wings to a customised solution. The fact that the direction of the views and main sunlight vary in this location in addition to the level position at the foot of the slope led to the creation of a tailor-made sectional solution which uses the differing qualities of the site to its advantage to create distinctive interiors. The intersecting sectional design allows for a varied spatial layout within an extremely simple basic structure whereby the contextual connection of the classrooms can be changed on a floor-by-floor basis. While the classrooms on the ground floor face the existing complex and are accompanied by a circulation area that follows the view, the classrooms on the first and top floor are oriented towards the view. The circulation zone in the basement follows an atmospheric garden courtyard.