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Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin Architekten

Freihofstrasse Residential Building

best architects 21

multi-family homes


Zurich, Switzerland


Roland Bernath


The residential building on Freihofstrasse continues the quality of urban development in the neighbourhood with a compact house on the side of the road with a garden to the rear. The project followed a concept of «simple construction». This not only guided the building process, but also the development phase. The result is a brick house with rendered walls that include no building service installations or insulating boards. The simple, compact layouts are designed to be of great practical use. The centre of each apartment is the kitchen-cum-dining room, which can be closed off from the rest of the apartment. Adjacent are individual rooms that all have a similar surface area and thus provide space that is neutral in use to suit different tenant profiles. The apartments nonetheless have their own identity, which changes from old to new build. Their rooms and elements each have their own character. Some are light, others shaded, and their windows and doors have an anthropomorphic quality. In line with town planning objectives, the architecture of the façade is restrained. Areas of coloured render enter into an intriguing relationship with the plastically formulated covered walkways made of precast concrete elements. The aim was to give the building its own distinct character while establishing a connection to the buildings in the immediate vicinity. The embossed designs by artist Christian Hörler on the porches furthermore give the building a scenographic touch.