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Diezinger Architekten GmbH

Deininger Weg Housing Complex

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multi-family homes


Neumarkt, Germany


Matthias Durynek


The housing complex on Deininger Weg in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate region of Germany is a subsidised housing development with 27 residential units. An east-west-facing structure is being erected on the trapeze-shaped corner plot which forms the southern starting point of the development area. Due to the high noise levels on the western side, caused by road and rail traffic, the building opens out to the east and south in tooth-like gradations and thereby reacts to the small-scale terraced housing to the south. The three-storey structure on the northern side, built with a pent roof angled to the south, is typologically conceived as a uniform row of three lots of three apartments. It contains barrier-free apartments with two, three, four or five rooms. On the ground floor, every hallway has one wheelchair-accessible apartment. The housing complex offers apartments with different layouts and is mindful of both external and internal conditions in equal measure. The appearance of the exterior is the result of careful integration into the existing context. All apartments benefit equally from south-facing openings. The gradation of the plan furthermore allows for an orientation to the east, away from the source of noise, and thus arranges living and bedrooms on the northern side of the structure. In addition to ensuring an economical use of plot depth, this also makes it possible to create ideal illumination, sunlight and noise protection conditions for almost all apartments.