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Harmony – from convent to Hammelburg Music Academy

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Hammelburg, Germany




In 2015, the Bavarian Music Academy acquired the listed historic convent in Hammelburg. New life could finally be breathed into the old walls. A wonderful act of providence. A convent becomes an academy of music. The aim of our architecture was to preserve the spirit of the building, the simple convent atmosphere, but also to create open spaces for what was new: a space for communication and inspiration for the musicians; a living, open house of music. At the heart of the convent are the former cloisters and cloistered garden. We have opened up the walls and covered the space with a glass roof. The result is a large hall for meals, meetings, dances, music and communication – a pulsating hub, but also a multifunctional, acoustically optimised central room with blackout facilities for concerts, conferences or parties. There is life and music everywhere. An open-air hall – more of an outdoor than an indoor space – offering glimpses, vistas, views. We have continued the cloister concept on the first floor. Views reach right up to the sky. An interplay of light and shadow – by day and by night. Around and above it the sound studio and the practice rooms, both large and small with two special ones in the roofspace. These rooms enter into a unique dialogue. One makes it possible to experience the historic roof truss. The other is its contemporary counterpart. In the south wing, the historic convent cells have been turned into guest rooms, to provide space for repose and reflection. The simplicity of convent life and natural, sustainable materials dominate our concept: natural stone, oak, lime plaster and light colours.