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Pfeffingen primary school

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Pfeffingen, Switzerland


Basile Bornand


The new primary school in the Swiss village of Pfeffingen completes an existing campus consisting of a school building, a kindergarten and a multipurpose hall. The buildings are grouped around the sports grounds to form an ensemble. The new school building benefits from its proximity to the multipurpose hall to create a shared entrance and thus integrates it into the entire complex. The vertical design of the façade uses wooden elements to make the individual storeys recognisable. The spacing of the timber frame is wider in front of the windows and tighter over the closed areas. Classrooms are placed at the corners and receive plenty of natural light. They each also include a cloakroom area and are correspondingly generous in size. The cruciform areas in between contain group rooms and access spaces. Recessed niches allow pupils to withdraw and are inviting places for them to linger. The open spiral staircase is more than an access route and is also an enriching part of school life.