BS+EMI Architektenpartner: Am Katzenbach IV/V residential complex - best architects 21 in gold

BS+EMI Architektenpartner

Am Katzenbach IV/V residential complex

best architects 21 in gold

multi-family homes


Zurich, Switzerland



Roland Bernath


The cooperative housing estate Am Katzenbach is crossed by two roads along its entire length, thereby dividing it into three unequal strips from an urban planning perspective. While the placement of the houses in phase I and II opened up sightlines across to the side streets, the buildings of phase III were informed by the rather small plot sizes and resulted in individually placed buildings with private gardens. The residential buildings of phase IV and V, finally, form the perimeter of the development on the Katzenbachpark side to the north. They consist of a series of stereometrically related structures that adapt to the different plot depths and whose shape is influenced by the principles governing the interior volume. Inside the apartments, the spatial configuration of the living spaces is defined by the polygonal outer form, the corner balconies and the rectangular rooms. The corner balconies face south and, at the same time, establish a connection with the park. The street view reveals intermittent glimpses of the park through the houses, perspectives perceived by passersby as variously opening up and closing. With its dark façade cladding made of reddish brown, glazed ceramic tiles, the building contrasts with the green of the park.