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New construction Goldbach school house

best architects 21

education buildings


Küsnacht, Switzerland


Ariel Huber


The new school campus, consisting of two buildings, is an integral part of the neighbourhood. Because of the sloping terrain, the three outside areas differ in atmosphere and importance: the school terrace with a recreation area and playing field, the playground of the kindergarten and the school park, which is open to the public. On the ground floor, the space for breaks and the adjacent music room are the central reception area. Together they form the events hall and community centre of Goldbach parish. In the middle of the school building an overarching section, comprising the above-mentioned, high-ceilinged room where the pupils can take their break and the main classrooms, directs light down to the ground floor and gives a view of all floors. Classrooms and group classrooms are interconnectable and, together with the area in front of the staircases, create a flexible space for a wide range of forms of teaching and learning. The basement sports room, which is lit by natural light, has a separate entrance from Brühlstrasse which makes it accessible to local sport clubs. The freestanding volume of the kindergarten accentuates the slope to the west. The spatial idea behind it was determined by the particular topographical situation and by its shape. Each of the three kindergarten rooms can be accessed from the common entrance hall on the ground floor by its own two-storey stairway set in the slope. Each stairway access in the entrance hall represents a separate address for the relevant kindergarten group on the first floor.