Aretz Dürr Architektur: Haus D // 6 - best architects 21 in gold

Aretz Dürr Architektur

Haus D // 6

best architects 21 in gold

single family homes


Oberberg, Germany


Luca Claußen


The design task was to construct an affordable and sustainable single-family home which seamlessly integrates the landscape into the living space and provides covered outdoor areas for rainy summer days. As is typical for the local Oberbergisch area, a solid plinth lifts the living areas above the natural terrain to shield them from the weather. The direction of the cantilevered roof was determined by the position of the sun in summer and winter. In summer, it protects the building from overheating. In winter, the glazing allows solar energy to penetrate into the living space and activate the night storage function of the screed. With its low mass, the back-ventilated roof membrane facilitates heat protection in summer while its skylights ensure efficient night-time cooling. The interplay of light and shadow animates the roof membrane and creates a soft surface that serves as a design link between the surrounding pastureland and the sky. The living space in the centre of the building reaches right up to the roof and forms the central communal area from which the bedrooms on the upper floor are accessed. A steel walkway connects the two separate areas and opens out onto the joint gallery. Built with limited materials using a steel and timber frame construction, the house is reversibly joined throughout. The slim wooden beams of the suspended ceilings and the roof remain visible and give the space its cosy atmosphere. The result is an aesthetic reduced to the essentials in order to achieve the best possible result.