ATELIER EGR ARCHITECTES: Jouques - best architects 21 in gold



best architects 21 in gold

multi-family homes


Jouques, France




The project is situated on a plot in a rural, countryside location. The area is largely unspoilt, but land pressure has led to the introduction of a few sparse villas and the beginnings of property development. The site therefore suffers from some fragmentation due to plot division. As the aim was to start developing the first part of a town, the project assumed a certain building density and a frontal view towards public spaces. In doing so, the architects revisited a template of rustic houses, narrow, repetitive and aligned. The rhythm created by the project along the Chemin de la Colle road initiates a design of public space which allows for future continuity and sufficient building density for the town. The project is built around an enclosed garden used as a shared patio. This is a strong design element and is intended as the project’s public space. The buildings that open onto the public space have two floors while the ones towards the back of the plot are single storey dwellings. The buildings are all based on clearly defined typologies with a day and a nocturnal space. The day space consists of a single volume on a north-south axis. Most of the housing is designed in sections and offers impressive high ceilings and zenithal light. A system of hollows creates intimate outdoor spaces which, at the same time, act as transitional thresholds between the public and private sphere.