ARGE Joos & Mathys Architekten / Daniel Nyffeler Architekten: Rüti ZH parish hall - best architects 21 in gold

ARGE Joos & Mathys Architekten / Daniel Nyffeler Architekten

Rüti ZH parish hall

best architects 21 in gold

public buildings


Rüti, Switzerland


Andreas Buschmann


Saalbau im Klosterbezirk

Owing to the existing structure and the surrounding buildings, this property is of historical significance. With the conversion of the old rectory and the construction of the new parish hall in the former monastery garden, the project brings together all of the parish’s public spaces. With its asymmetrical pitched roof, the new parish hall seamlessly integrates into the existing ensemble. It references in equal measure the historic architecture and the characteristic roofscape of the neighbouring industrial buildings. The low eaves of the hall make it appear as if the building were bowing its head towards the rectory courtyard. The large windows reinforce this impression and provide a variety of views onto the courtyard.
The hall is an in-situ concrete construction. The supporting structure rests on solid pillars; these have been designed to function as light cannons in the hall’s interior. Their openings are a variation on the oculi of the neighbouring silk mill. The exposed concrete construction, which becomes tangible in the hall, is framed by wall and ceiling panels clad with Viennese mesh that conceal the technological and acoustic installations. Together with the fine-grained oak flooring, these panels create a comfortable atmosphere. The miniature spotlights concealed within the joints of the panels enhance the sculptural effect of the hall. In addition to the sanitary facilities, the basement level is home to three group rooms that – thanks to the «cannons» – stand in dialogue with the outside world and benefit from natural light.