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Four Primary Schools in Modular Design

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Munich, Germany


Brigida González


The educational concept of the learning house (Munich Learning House) is the starting point for the development of an intelligent and constructively well-engineered learning house module that consists of four classrooms, two interconnected rooms for all-day care, and a workroom for teaching and childcare staff that are all grouped around a central communal space. The peripheral access galleries provide all rooms with a direct exit to the outside, which affords unrestricted use of the entire learning house in compliance with fire safety regulations. The barrel vaulting we selected for our design staves off the threat of monotony and anonymity by creating spaces with a distinctive character that not only conveys a sense of security but is also highly memorable. We view this special spatial quality, which the pupils and teachers can experience through the senses, as the antithesis of the stereotypical product of modular construction. Two of the four primary schools with all-day care are located on former military sites on Ruth-Drexel-Straße in Oberföhring and Bauhausplatz in Schwabing, and the other two are in the Freiham development area: in Gustl-Bayrhammer-Straße and in Aubinger Allee.