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Vinci primary school

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education buildings


Suhr, Switzerland


Ralph Feiner


The school complex is situated along the Tramstrasse at an important location in Suhr. Slightly set back, it provides a new green space as a kind of extension of the small park in front of the village museum. As for typology, it can be qualified as a self-centred quasi temple-like building that introduces some calm into the heterogeneous surroundings. The basic structure is simple: it consists of two concentric rings with precast concrete columns and an expressive central staircase. The multi-purpose room with the foyer on the ground floor is oriented to the new park and creates a link from the school to the public space. Due to its vertical access, the bulky double helix staircase with a central atrium operates as a connecting element for all the floors. Children and staff use it as a meeting place. A high degree of flexibility in zoning the space allows for a great variety of uses, adaptable to different educational concepts.