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Stapferhaus Lenzburg

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Lenzburg, Switzerland


Ralph Feiner


With its new location in Lenzburg, the Stapferhaus is now being given an appropriate spatial presence to match its national cultural significance. The new building pinpoints the exhibition hall in the urban context and turns the heterogeneous area around the railway station into an attractive public space. The pergola offers an open playable stage and, at the same time, serves as a link to the town. An innovative timber construction technology with modular wall and floor systems, in conjunction with a carefully processed wooden construction that allows for a wide variety of surface treatments, enables a multitude of scenographic interventions in the interior and makes even the outer shell playable for exhibitions. The clear structure of the blue and black wooden building emphasises the spaciousness of its inner rooms. Due to efficient heat production and a good building shell, operating costs can be kept low. The simple and durable construction gives the building a contemporary look and creates a new highlight in the town.