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Residence vis-à-vis

best architects 20

multi-family homes


Deitingen, Switzerland


Mark Drotsky


The new building marks the end of the built structure. Together with the carpenter’s shop across the street and the neighbouring residential buildings, it defines a common courtyard: a meeting place for the whole neighbourhood.  On the other side of the building emerges a private outdoor area at the creek with a view into the nature. On a concrete foundation and under a gable roof, the two wooden cubes with an inverted corner stand angled to each other. The space between the cubes forms the entrance areas. The breaking up and bending of the volume creates spaces and proportions that correspond to the small-scale environment. Due to the separation into two volumes, each apartment has its own floor. The dining area, around which all the rooms are arranged, is located in the centre of the apartments, facing south and towards the courtyard. Materials in their raw form determine the apartments’ appearance. In the course of time, through the natural ageing process to which the untreated timber facade is subject, the building will increasingly become an integral part of the surroundings and merge with the natural environment. Two fruit trees were shifted and integrated into the new environment. A cherry tree had to give way to the new building but was erected again only a few meters from its original place, where it carries the roof with its branches.