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Residential and commercial buildings Zwicky Areal

best architects 20

multi-family homes


Wallisellen, Switzerland


David Willen


In the central construction area of the former, now transformed industrial complex an ensemble of interrelated existing and new buildings is being created, which will become the centre of this part of town thanks to its open spaces and commercial facilities. Opposite the historical buildings are four-storey buildings of a similar height. However, on the edge of the site, seven-storey buildings have been located to provide noise protection. Taller and lower buildings respectively frame semi-public courtyards. Due to the staggered position of the building plots, the taller and lower buildings face each other and create attractive spatial relationships and successions of spaces. Arcades that link to the historic buildings create appealing access gateways to small retail units. Complemented by meeting places, they animate the centre and give it an urban quality. 164 rental units and studio apartments with 1.5 to 4.5 rooms provide a diverse range of residential accommodation. The building façade of solid exposed brickwork references and interprets the construction of the historic buildings, thereby providing continuity and strengthening the sense of identity of the site.