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Intercommunal fire station in Bernex

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Bernex, GE, Switzerland




David Gagnebin-de-Bons


The fire station is conceived as an extensive hall that regroups all the required functions. The building is composed of narrow, irregular bands that are arranged in a staggered way to exploit the geometry of the plot. This organisation also ensures natural lighting for the entire building. The programme is distributed, in accordance with the slope, to create a functional reference to the intervention organisation, from the parking for private vehicles on the upper ground floor level to the garage on the lower section, through the offices, the reception for mobilisation orders and the changing rooms. The cafeteria, situated on the first level, provides side views on the mountains. The building exhibits different aspects that develop a specific relationship with the respective context: seen from the north-west, the volume appears uniform and in dialogue with the neighbouring industrial buildings; from the south-east, it reveals its staggered compartments, thereby presenting the residential area with a more domestic scale. The bands are treated uniformly from the roof to the façades. Their exterior is covered with slate-grey waterproof rows, while Duripanel boards provide fire-resistant covering for the construction on the inside. Between the bands, the façades act like filters. The windows and high doors made of aluminium and polycarbonate define the industrial appearance of the north-western side. On the south-eastern side, the larch wood covering ensures a homely appearance.