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above bozen belvedere hotel

best architects 20 gold

commercial/industrial buildings


Jenesien, Italy


Gustav Willeit


The Belvedere Hotel is located on a rocky slope. Following the contours of the hill, the building takes on a circular shape. Even the materials chosen establish a close relationship with the materiality of the place: the red concrete of the new intervention is combined with the reddish rock of the site. The idea is to expand the existing building in continuity with other existing ones. The extrusion of the façade alternates closed and protected terraces, which bring the user closer to the surrounding environment and project the interior spaces out into the landscape. Next to the suites, there is the garage. In continuity with the façade development it creates a new structural rhythm that is reflected in the elevation by an interplay of openings and depth. This effect is also emphasised by the grain of the walls, sandblasted in some areas and rougher in others. The variety of the different finishes also continues inside through the use of concrete, stone, wood and different colours. Different light and colours highlight the spaces with connecting elements. The result is a symbiosis with nature that favours the development of the landscape, the emergence of a totality, a continuation of materiality, colour and light. The main theme of the project is the relationship with the surrounding environment which includes the existing architecture. The focus of the project is and remains on the landscape, the view and the distribution of new spaces within it. The project is, in fact, aimed at looking for great spaces, flooded with light that follow the development of the ground. In this sense, nature, space and materiality find a synthesis in the Hotel Belvedere.