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St. Peter and Paul care home

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Mauren, Liechtenstein


Paul Trummer


This care home is a place where one feels at home and can live with dignity and respect. The parallel shift of two identical atrium volumes gives rise to outside spaces framed on two sides: a public, bustling forecourt that, together with a café and driveway, forms the entrance area, as well as a protected back garden area. The building structure is based on the typology of the «compact eight». The two central atria are flanked by adjacent functions, which allows light to penetrate into the depths of the building, opens up vistas, creates rooms that encourage people to linger as well as meeting spaces, and provides good opportunities for circular perambulations. Collectively used infrastructures such as the administration area are located in a central space, creating a functional intersection consisting of entrance, cafeteria, multi-purpose room, chapel and administration. The rustic pitched, hipped and gabled roof structures are characterised by vertical, wooden weatherboarding and mineral bases. In this way, the building follows typical local role models in its materialisation. The vertical wooden posts are offset for each storey and so create a slight horizontal staggering on the second level. The untreated wooden façade will age with time. Colour, patina and the currently still homogenous appearance will alter.