Unterlandstättner Architekten: Monolithic ensemble - best architects 20

Unterlandstättner Architekten

Monolithic ensemble

best architects 20

single family homes


Planegg b. Munich, Germany


Michael Heinrich


The new buildings act as intermediaries between the existing structures in a suburb of a garden city. The day light management and sightlines of the new ensemble support the spatial constellation while the ensemble nature of the buildings is reinforced by the specific volume design and homogenous materialisation of the exterior walls in infra-lightweight concrete for both buildings. The cubage and height of the ensemble respond to expectations in a subtle way. The volume of the guesthouse holds back, is lower, and allows the main building for the family to take precedence. The garden city character is referenced by the shape of the buildings. This offers vistas of the green spaces at the rear, away from the road while protecting private spaces from prying eyes and still creating a light and «open» demarcation of the plot from public spaces (no hedges, no impenetrable fence)s. Incisive recesses and the overhanging upper storey provide for protected terraces and outside areas. The construction design of the main building focuses the shared family area on the dining space and protected terrace which faces south and west, and simultaneously offers protection from prying eyes and openness. Direct natural light from different directions is a constant companion in both houses. The exterior walls – load-bearing and monolithic – are made of infra-lightweight concrete and are not rendered on both sides. The inner walls are not load-bearing and contrast with the exterior walls due to their white paintwork and the different texture of their smooth plasterwork.