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uF Haus

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single family homes


Memmingen, Germany


Florian Holzherr


The small property in a suburban part of town with detached houses and strict building regulations at first glance does not have any special features. What is imposing are the number of old trees on the neighbouring properties to the north and south. The borrowed landscape thus became the central theme for the house and garden design. Both building volumes and their position on the plot are the result of the options available under building regulations. The interiors react to the local conditions and, despite their small volume and confined location, offer views in all directions with generous openings that nonetheless provide the required degree of privacy. In line with the rules of Modernism only three materials were used in their original state: concrete, wood and steel. They are, in a sense, the antithesis to current building trends that are characterised by an increasingly rampant use of numerous materials and building products.