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Fritz-Henßler vocational college

best architects 20

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Dortmund, Germany



Jörg Hempel


Built around the turn of the century by the Dortmund city building inspector and architect Friedrich Kullrich, the Fritz-Henßler vocational college is still one of the largest educational buildings in Dortmund today. In order to adapt the listed building complex to the increasing requirements of the future, the City of Dortmund launched a Europe-wide competition in 2013. The aim was to develop the school building, which was in great need of renovation and listed as a historical monument, into a sustainable school building, taking into account the design, technical and organisational requirements. The architects placed particular emphasis on the careful insertion of the required new building structures, taking into account the protection of historical monuments and maximum retention of the listed building fabric. In close cooperation with the preservation authorities and users, a convincing ensemble of buildings was conceived and designed by the architects, which not only convinces through the careful handling of a piece of building history, but which has also results in a contemporary reinterpretation through the skilful arrangement of new building structures. An ultra-modern and contemporary school building has been created, which in particular meets the requirements of monument preservation and users in an exemplary manner. It should also be noted that the tight time and cost framework were fully met.