Ludescher + Lutz Architekten: Johann | Restaurant and hotel on the Alter Markt | Lauterach - best architects 20 gold

Ludescher + Lutz Architekten

Johann | Restaurant and hotel on the Alter Markt | Lauterach

best architects 20 gold

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Lauterach, Austria


Elmar Ludescher


The Alter Markt, a central location in Lauterach, is undergoing change and transformation. The site represents the historic centre of this Rhine Valley town, as evidenced by the proximity of the church and cemetery as well as the tight web of streets. The former structure of the square was destroyed in the 1960s when the L-190 local road was rerouted. The Engel inn stood in a prominent location, directly at the crossroads that opens onto the square. Since the mid-19th century, the site has always been home to an inn or restaurant, at times combined with a shop. Erecting a new structure at this central location became the first step towards revitalising the town centre: a wooden building, to reflect the historic structures of the old town in size and shape. The entrances to the restaurant, connected by a broad hallway, are aligned along a north-south axis, while the separate entrance to the hotel is oriented towards the west. The façade is bathed in a deep, warm, rusty red, a tone already found on several neighbouring wooden structures. The choice of wood as a material and the warm colour were intended as a contrast to the unattractive street crossing, plagued by traffic. The inn is a piece of furniture in the centre of town. The upper storeys of the façade are fitted with wooden slats, concealing the building’s use as a hotel. The lower-storey dining rooms feature spacious windows, with views from without and within framed by deep reveals.