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Jurek Brueggen Architekten Kosa Architekten

Haus am See

best architects 20 gold

single family homes


Werder (Havel), Germany


Jurek Brüggen



The Haus am See lies on a slope in between four houses of very different styles. Nestled between these houses, it tells the story of a stone found in situ, as it has always been, which has been converted into house.


The stone is a hollowed-out concrete body into which openings have been cut. In contrast to the solid concrete block, the rest of the structures are made of wood. All the construction materials remain visible. Free-standing partition walls made of wood subdivide the interior and wooden window frames protect against the weather. A wooden pavilion has been placed on the roof. The surrounding terrace offers a view of the passing Havel river. A wooden staircase, which also serves as a bookshelf, connects both floors. The large sliding doors provide access to the stone outdoor pool and the garden which slopes down to the river.


The Haus am See is a design for another way of sustainable living. The living space adapts to the seasons. In winter, the residents retire to the garden floor. In summer, the living space doubles. The mobile kitchen moves with the residents. A horizontal sliding window separates the pavilion from the garden level in winter. Condensing the living space in winter saves resources, construction and heating costs. In contrast to conventional energy-saving houses, which isolate themselves from their surroundings, it shows how we can conserve resources while living sustainably in connection with the environment.