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Uhlmann apartment complex

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multi-family homes


Bern, Switzerland


Alexander Jaquemet


On the edge of the Bremgartenwald forest in Bern, in the context of a residential area characterised by detached chalet-style family homes from the 1950s, apartment blocks and vast commercial buildings, we propose a distinct, differentiated form of architecture. People will live where the buildings of a former transport company once stood. A row of eight slightly offset studio apartments and four superimposed top floor apartments that face in multiple directions will be encapsulated in a sculptural, horizontal building structure. In the centre of the over-deep, ground floor flats a two-storey space rises up above the food preparation and dining area and brings light into the depths of the layout, giving the apartment an unexpectedly generous feeling of space. Akin to an American «porch», the building has an extending, extra high veranda running along its entire length from which steps lead down into a private garden surrounded by hedging.