Felippi Wyssen Architekten: Gatternweg apartment building - best architects 20 gold

Felippi Wyssen Architekten

Gatternweg apartment building

best architects 20 gold

multi-family homes


Riehen, Switzerland


Rasmus Norlander


In the context of the existing buildings, the Gatternweg apartment building reveals its singularity in various ways. Not only the structure, but also the surfaces used and, last but not least, the floor plan solution differ significantly from the existing surrounding buildings in the Basel agglomeration. A key aspect for the nonetheless good integration of the new building is the substantially reduced building volume on the two upper storeys. On the ground floor are two 4.5 room apartments, above them two 3.5 room apartments, and on the attic floor a single 3.5 room apartment. With this dynamic reduction of the footprint, the visual volume is made lighter while creating generous, covered terraces on the narrower sides. The slightly asymmetrical trapezium-like floor plan of the building picks up on the shape of the plot and ensures its optimal exploitation. All façades are clad with black oiled spruce in contrast to the green surroundings. Together with the traditional, wall-high shutters they give the building an archaic air and play with the appearance of rural infrastructure buildings. With their wide, overhanging shape, the drainage channels, executed in black steel, accentuate the staggering of the widely spaced vertical volume. Inside the building, exposed concrete surfaces and terrazzo tiles dominate. Despite the significant formal differences and its pronounced architectural character, the building integrates well with the surroundings as a self-assured solitaire.