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Terre Ségala

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Naucelle Gare, France


Edouard Decam


This building, which has various functions (bakery, farmers’ market, snack bar and tourist office of the «Ségala»), is located close to the RN88 trunk road which links Toulouse and Rodez. The goal of this project is to provide the region with a means to promote local food and supplies to locals and tourists. The building was conceived like a market hall. All the materials used were chosen for their quality and ease of implementation. In order to avoid large earthworks, the building sits along level lines. It uses the language of this peculiar French region, the «Ségala». Having in mind the straw bales and golden corn fields all around, the architects designed a golden metallic membrane which protects the inner spaces from low sun rays. Inside the building, wooden casings recall market vegetable crates. This Land art gesture depicts the food supply chain: from harvesting (outside perception) to cooked dishes (inside perception).

Technically speaking, the building is constructed like a compact market hall with a 10-metre long corridor structure. It uses a wooden glue-laminated framework made of spruce. Walls are composed of a metallic membrane, an anti UV rainscreen, bracing between studs, stone wool, spruce sidings and crates (from the outside in). In the end, this project tries to capture the singularities of the «Ségala» and to translate it into architectural language. It offers a way of understanding this unique landscape.