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Dübendorf firewood depot

best architects 20

commercial/industrial buildings


Geeren, Switzerland


Andreas Graber


Asethetic functional building

The operations centre of the Holzkorporation Dübendorf is located on the edge of the forest, in the heart of the Geeren district. With the construction of the new firewood depot, the facilities have been extended in the direction of the forest. Six glue-laminated spruce trusses form the primary structure. They are each connected to three purlins and one beam per side. Four steel cable cross clamps act as bracing in the central purlin section. The wall panelling, projecting roof braces and rafters are connected with simple studs and are woven around the beams and over the purlins. Building components with seemingly clear hierarchies thus merge to form a cohesive whole. With the exception of the glue-laminated trusses and purlins, the entire wooden construction is made of rough-cut, untreated spruce beams. The subtle use of additional materials such as galvanised steel, concrete and Eternit accentuates the presence of wood. The half open façade meets the different requirements of a building in a forest and on the periphery of a community and furthermore optimally satisfies the requirements for storing firewood. The unexpected construction also arouses curiosity and takes account of the location on the edge of the woodland in this popular local recreation area with a certain degree of poetry. Thanks to the skilful blending of aesthetics and function, the project reflects the attitude of a progressive yet traditional forestry business with a great feel for wood.