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Haus Marie

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single family homes


Baden, Austria


Stubenrauch & Rois


Shortly after purchasing the «Weinhauerhaus» in the centre of the resort town of Baden near Vienna, the owners, a family of five, had already carried out provisionally renovations and begun the planning process. The original idea changed multiple times. In the beginning, both the concept and the model were designed autonomously until the owners decided to consult an architect after all. They chose Caramel architects and together they combined many different creative ideas to create an overall concept.
To avoid disturbing the nostalgic «Heurigen» atmosphere with this modern new construction and instead embed it into living experience, the garden atmosphere was transferred to several newly formed levels.

The ground floor remained as an open area, separated into a cold and a warm zone only by the solid glass façade. The projecting exposed concrete ceiling is in harmony with the concrete surface of the garden terrace and provides a contrast to the vivid reflections of the water. The first floor has a spacious bedroom for the parents with lavatory facilities as well as a compromise oriented bed- and study room with a bathroom for the three children. In the attic, there is a study area flooded with light and a view over the surrounding gardens and buildings. The openly designed glassed staircase provides light for the playroom, which is located in the basement.