Bär Stadelmann Stöcker Architekten und Stadtplaner: New building for the Munich tax centre - best architects 20

Bär Stadelmann Stöcker Architekten und Stadtplaner

New building for the Munich tax centre

best architects 20

office/administrative buildings


Munich, Germany


Rolf Sturm


The first construction phase of the future Munich tax campus will consist in the development of one of the first administrative buildings of this size in passive house standard. The six-storey building with underground car park offers space for 830 treasury officials on a floor space of 15,000 square metres. The floor plan has a double-wing structure and includes a green inner courtyard. With its monolithic appearance that is further accentuated by the solid construction and curtain brick façade, the building contrasts with the natural stylistic idiom of the green spaces. Cornice bands, recesses and structured parapets emphasise the depth of the façade made of water-struck bricks and highlight the artisanal quality of the material. Access is via a central staircase which allows the building to be experienced with generous, axially offset airspaces. The circular development of the offices is deliberately interrupted by generous expanded hallways that are visible on the outside as two-storey openings and which further structure the perforated façades. The solid nature of the simple but elegant construction is also reflected in the interior. Walls in exposed concrete and polished concrete floors are enhanced with doors and fittings in oak and architectural bronze. With its outstanding aesthetic and primary energy requirement of 110 kilowatt hours per square metre and year, the building structure sets standards for the further development of the tax campus and will carry the idea of quality and innovation on the site into future.