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Magyizin Hospital

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Magyizin, Myanmar


Oliver Gerhartz


In a remote part of the south-western coast of Myanmar lies Magyizin, a village in the jungle, alongside numerous small neighbouring villages. These are villages that could not be more rudimentary. The bamboo huts, built on sand under palm trees, have no electricity or running water. There are no metalled roads that lead further into the region. The closest medical facilities are several hours way. The building of a new hospital therefore significantly improves the quality of life of the local population. Due to its higher location, the building can also be used as a Tsunami refuge. A weather protected inner courtyard forms the heart of the building. The wards, each with a total of 20 beds, the operating area with labour ward and laboratory, as well as treatment and personnel rooms are grouped around it. The kitchen, storage rooms, sanitary facilities and additional rooms for highly infectious patients are located in an annex. The architectural concept adopts the regional style of building, characterised by elevated wooden frames with bamboo and wooden lattice infills. To provide greater stability and durability, the frame construction of the hospital is made of reinforced concrete. This achieves an appropriate architectural language between local tradition and contemporary functionality. The roof is constructed with wooden trusses, clad below in bamboo, or plasterboard for the operating theatres. Ventilation slats on the ridge and movable wooden shutters on the external façade ensure good ventilation in this tropical region.