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House on Parzivalplatz

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multi-family homes


Munich, Germany




Pk. Odessa / Sebastian Schels


Urban planning designs can only work if individual architects engage with urban planning as elements of the whole. The house on Parzivalplatz in Munich gave us the opportunity to look for an appropriate architectural response to the question of finding the right façade for the square within our own urban planning ensemble. With our design for the district around the Leopoldstraße, the Parzivalstraße is given a suitable spatial conclusion. The house on Parzivalplatz now stands at the end of the street perspective – behind the metropolitan Schwabing hospital. On the side facing the square, it looks like a simple residential building with shutters on the ground floor. The loggia looking out onto the square references a classical design theme. The façade facing the square rests on a solid, high base. Together with the deep loggias, this turns it into a resonating body for the urban space. Constructed with large format ashlar pillars and lintels, it plays with the axiality of the street perspective with its symmetries and partial symmetries. In sunlight, the fluting on the white pillars almost makes them look like textile curtains which gives the façade a fascinating, paradoxical appearance of lightness.