Meier Leder Architekten: Apartment house on Gartenstrasse - best architects 19 in gold

Meier Leder Architekten

Apartment house on Gartenstrasse

best architects 19 in gold

multi-family homes


Baden / Switzerland


Oliver Lang


With its expressive architecture, the replacement building manages to assert itself in an environment of larger volumes. Its placement as close as possible to the street for urban planning purposes allows for a new, broad courtyard. On the side facing the courtyard, an open arcade staggers the façade in depth and forms a buffer to the private rooms. The main entrance to the building on the city side is emphasised by outdoor flights of stairs. This additional external staircase connects the courtyard, the arcade and a shared roof terrace to create a three-dimensional outdoor space as an important meeting place for the residents. The apartments are based on the principle of room sequences as an efficient spatial typology and function without corridors. Internal glazing creates a high degree of transparency and flexibility of use. The three-season room functions as a central distribution space that can be opened up across its entire breadth. French doors onto Gartenstrasse lend the building an urban character. The deep, staggered relief of the wooden cladding gives the house a warm tonality. Inside, slurried sand-lime brickwork contrasts with wood-framed glazing and coloured granolithic concrete.