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Schmid Schärer Architekten

House on Müseliweg

best architects 19 in gold

single family homes


Zurich / Switzerland


Roman Keller


Overgrown garden 


A narrow, elongated hillside plot, an overgrown garden surrounding an old lime tree: The romantic, enchanted character of the site sparked the idea for the design. The interiors as well as the outward appearance of the house take up these specific features: intricacy, diversity, an episodic nature and unexpected moments. The house is meant to look as if it had always been there.  



Complex spatial fabric 


A modular space mediating between valley and slope forms the generative element of the design. In the high-ceilinged living room, a window looks out onto the lime tree. The cross-section reveals how, starting from this basis, a complex spatial fabric develops across all storeys, with spaces of differing characters interwoven on a compact floor plan. The natural-toned lime render on walls and ceilings runs through the entire house, harmonising the variously shaped rooms and lending them both depth and sensuality. The floor coverings by contrast – cement tiles in varying hues, parquet made of different woods and alternating types of natural stone on the stairs – accentuate the variety and diversity of the rooms.  



Composed form 


The pergola outside, a bay window, brick fireplaces and lightweight rooftop structures give the home a striking form inspired by Arts and Crafts-style houses. Grey engineering brick and a coarse concrete base «ground» the house, while bright yellow window frames add a whimsical accent.