Schenker Salvi Weber Architekten / feld72: The new Austrian Post at Rochusmarkt - best architects 19

Schenker Salvi Weber Architekten / feld72

The new Austrian Post at Rochusmarkt

best architects 19

office/administrative buildings


Vienna / Austria


Lukas Schaller


Timeless architecture in dialogue with the city | Schenker Salvi Weber and feld72 designed the new corporate headquarters of Post AG on Vienna’s Rochusmarkt. The building ensemble is a composition of the highest quality which not only skilfully combines old and new but also features contemporary interior design in the shopping mall and offices, which are distinguished by open communication areas. The integration of the complex into the urban context enables it to enter into a dialogue with its surroundings.

A high-quality urban building block | One focus for the architects was the contextual development of the design. This enabled them to create elegant, timeless and high-quality architecture whose convincing sense of composure is transported from the façade grid deep within the interior. The building volume adapts to the polygonal form of the site, and both its urban stance and its sculptural expression do justice to its role as an important institution in the public realm. The ensemble is an urban building block that slips harmoniously and with a clear sense of proportion into its surroundings and becomes part of the urban environment: The open square of the Rochusmarkt continues within the building in the form of a shopping mall and then as a public passage leading to Grete Jost Park. The entrances to the post office and the mall combine with the façade to establish a dialogue with the city.