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House in Näfels (GL)

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Näfels (GL) / Switzerland




Daniela Kienzler


Like a puzzle piece, the prefabricated timber home inserts itself into its setting, defying the many constraints that complicated the planning process. In the course of construction work, the stream to the east of the house had to be ecologically restored, while on the west side an easement had to be granted for the cultivation of the agricultural land to the north. Towards the south, the plot is almost immediately adjacent to a school complex, which required special measures to protect the residents’ privacy. In the end, however, the fields to the north and the stream to the east are what lend the site its own special qualities. 


Making the most of these qualities became an essential part of the project. Three storeys are arranged around a central staircase and enjoy various views of the surroundings. On the ground floor, the view from the entrance hall is guided towards the north, where the house gives directly onto a meadow. In the living/dining room, a large picture window with a window seat looks out onto the restored stream and a stand of tall birch trees. The veranda on the south side acts as a filter towards the nearby school, affording the residents sufficient privacy. On the upper floor, a large bathtub receives light from a roof window in the high-ceilinged attic, lending the bathroom an unexpected feeling of spaciousness. The attic itself is by contrast a simple space that extends across the entire storey. Towards the north, a round window frames a poetic view of meadow, stable and trees.