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Bad Schörgau

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Sarntal / Italy


Gustav Willeit


The new building is part of the Hotel Bad Schörgau and includes a cooking academy with seminar area and the «Trehs Haus». The cooking academy sees itself as a platform offering insights into the local gourmet cuisine. The centrepiece is the almost five-meter-long cooking block, a monolith of grey-green Sarner porphyry with a gross weight of 22,000 kilograms. Only the countertop has been smoothed, while the other surfaces show their original rough-hewn state. The cook-ing area is connected to a hall. A spiral staircase leads up to the seminar room above. The adjacent Trehs world of fragrances and themes is designed as an open space extending over two storeys. The design pattern of the hall is based on circular shapes. The intersections of the circles result in star-shaped three-dimensional projections, creating a distinctive ceiling structure. The exterior façade has the same geometric pattern, but without the «stars». The interiors are lined completely in hand-whitewashed spruce and hemp panels. The ornament establishes links with the local tradition: simple and yet lavish, without frills and yet exuding a sleek, tranquil beauty.