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Modersohn & Freiesleben

House in Melzow

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single family homes


Gramzow Melzow / Germany



Maximilian Meisse


How to design an architecturally remarkable house on a low budget? This was the brief for the project in Melzow. By simply concentrating on the relevant and leaving out the opulent, architects Modersohn & Freiesleben were able to develop exceptional design value. 


The small family house in the Uckermark has an outward skin of red corrugated tin. The living room with kitchen takes up half the house and forms its heart, with ceilings reaching up to 5 meters under the roof ridge (gradually descending to 2.6 meters at each end of the house). This is a celebration of space and a rebellion against limiting our living conditions to cave-like dwellings fit for dwarves. Creating all these sensations within a set space and a limited budget required only one sacrifice: the design had to forego inside cladding of the walls of the wooden structure. But rather than detract from or reduce the value of the home, this renunciation creates a modern, raw and authentic living experience. The red tin covering the outer walls and roof is an economical material and incorporates the design into the village and its rural context.