Luca Selva Architekten: Residential complex in Wuhrmatt - best architects 19

Luca Selva Architekten

Residential complex in Wuhrmatt

best architects 19

multi-family homes


Bottmingen / Switzerland


Adriano Biondo


Three polygonal apartment blocks of different sizes are arranged on the plot in such a way that, despite the client’s demand for residential density, high-quality apartments with multiple orientations are possible. Central stairways spiral upward through spacious stairwells illuminated by skylights to provide access to a total of 58 apartments. The loggias are arranged at the corners of the undulating building volumes to create a continuous open space with the living/dining room. Because the rooms are all rectangular, the interplay of different geometries and views results in a rich network of relationships that gives each apartment its own identity. The flowing exterior spaces optimally connect the buildings with their heterogeneous setting.