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Hermansson Hiller Lundberg

House Myttinge

best architects 19

single family homes


Värmdö / Sweden




Mikael Olsson


The brief was simple enough, a summer house in bucolic surroundings half an hour from Stockholm. From that innocuous starting point we sought out a relationship to the rich green natural surroundings based on tension. We worked with scale, order and monumentality to pursue a reserved and self-contained architectural expression based on the theme of remoteness. Monumental expression in individual building elements creates unusual effects when used in small-scale and domestic settings. The broad dark piers of the exterior order the façades on all sides. Their zigzagging wooden surfaces, a play on the fluted pilaster, enliven the expression with a slender, upward-striving quality. The cornice crowning the façades is very slim, resulting in an ambiguous trabeation where there is no load-bearing taking place. The interior is abstract and restrained, with white walls and a polished concrete floor. The vertical portes-fenêtres balance an openness to the surroundings with a firm delineation of the interior space, creating a calm and serene environment for the leisurely enjoyment of nature.