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Home in Günsberg

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Günsberg / Switzerland


Marcel Rickli


The house is located on the eastern edge of the town of Günsberg in the canton of Solothurn. Small single-family homes predominate in the neighbourhood. The house was designed with the classic elements of base, middle section and roof. The exposed concrete base stands out strongly from the slightly sloping topography, half embedded in the incline with the other half protruding out of it. Homogeneous walls have been executed in solid, insulating single-layer masonry. The conventional wooden roof has hip rafters enabling broad overhangs. The roof is covered in fibre cement roof slates with differing dimensions on each roof surface to ensure a uniform joint pattern all round. An atrium in the centre of the house allows for views between the rooms while supplying light to the attic spaces. The open floor plan generates a meandering sequence of spaces. With the rooms arranged in a circle around the atrium, the house harks back to the Roman domus.