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Office and production buildings

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office/administrative buildings


Winterthur / Switzerland



Dominique Marc Wehrli


The characteristic shaping the site – including the rhythmic sycamore avenue and the site’s visibility from the train tracks – served as catalysts for the design and were harmonised with the operational requirements. The clients, 3-Plan Haustechnik AG and Baltensperger AG, were also involved in the process as planners and suppliers. The three buildings are distinguished by resource-saving construction methods, an innovative energy concept and a high degree of component prefabrication. The carpentry shop was built first so that Baltensperger AG could produce timber elements and complete room modules for its own office building and the new headquarters of the neighbouring building utilities firm. The varying construction principles applied in the different buildings were developed from the specific usage requirements and are conveyed by a certain roughness in the material qualities. The Baltensperger office building rises above the loading dock as a modular timber structure, whereas a skeleton structure offers the necessary flexibility for the working environment of 3-Plan AG. The façades express the individuality of the different buildings while relating to each other through the recurring ribbed motif. The buildings take advantage of ambient heat and wood processing residue from the carpentry shop to completely do without fossil energy sources, geothermal energy or groundwater use.