Atelier ST: On the Edge of the Field  - best architects 19

Atelier ST

On the Edge of the Field

best architects 19

single family homes


Lichtentanne / Germany


Simon Menges


On the Edge of the Field – detached house in Lichtentanne

The three parts of the ensemble are made up of a two-storey residential building, an adjoining orangery and a garage/utility unit. The formation marks the transition between the settlement and the vast adjacent landscape. The centrepiece of the complex is the private garden around which the three volumes are arranged. The open side of the garden is confined by a «green slope» – an elevated vegetation area offering visual cover and protection against the wind from the open field. While the main building and the orangery have almost no openings on the three sides towards the neighbouring residential area, their ground levels open up completely towards the enclosed garden. Large windows on the upper floor frame the views onto the landscape. The design’s exterior clarity barely hints at its interior complexity: the main rooms, such as the kitchen, living room and foyer, afford exciting sight lines through the building and to the roof space with its visible wood construction. From the synergy of contrasts and oppositions there arise unexpected spatial surprises, thus creating a residence that instil a sense of all-round well-being.