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trans_city / Christian Aulinger / Mark Gilbert

SAT – social housing on Satzingerweg

best architects 19

multi-family homes


Vienna-Florisdorf / Austria


Daniel Hawelka


The «Schichtengründe» urban development project aims to provide housing for some two thousand people, arranged around a central green space. The SAT housing complex forms the northern end of this project. It consists of two U-shaped volumes turned towards each other, each surrounding a quiet residential courtyard. The volumes take up the orthogonal structure of the buildings to the south and, through the rotation of the wings, create a transition to the road in the north. North of Satzingerweg lies a densely wooded area. 


The accentuated sculptural quality of the complex results from the interplay between the slender building volumes and the massive balconies. The articulation of the duplex apartments generates striking vertical accents that set a lively counterpoint to the horizontally aligned balconies. The projection of the balconies is particularly pronounced at the corners of the buildings, where on the ground floor their dynamic movement is offset by massive precast concrete planters. The balconies consist of monolithic precast concrete elements made of white cement with a sandblasted surface, i.e., the same material as the arcade cladding but used in a different way here: The ostinato rhythm of the cantilevered balcony volumes deliberately contrasts with the dancing score of the laminar arcade cladding.